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To be a good wedding DJ you have to know how to read a crowd. To be a GREAT ENTERTAINER, you have to KNOW YOUR CROWD, and THATS WHAT WE DO. When you book with us you can expect to have an ENERGY filled event, a personaliized music experience, and to build a relationship that allows us to make it all happen. We care about so much more than just the music you put on the list. We work hard to know you on a more personal level and everyone that is important to you, to help make the best musical decisions for YOUR SPECIAL EVENT. You don’t have to stress about working with us because CONVENIENCE IS OUR PRIORITY.

BOOK TODAY and  find out how MC PRO DJ’S can make your events amazing! 


Customized experiences


- Continuous musical coverage and dedicated MC to announce and conduct all events.

-Access to our easy to use, online event planner, perfect to help you organize all your event details!

-3 scheduled, in depth and guided, event planning sessions. This is where we help create your timeline of events for your reception, from the time we start to the end of the night. We organize your event details to make sure your event is customized to you. As well as, assist in music selections for all aspects of your event!


-a professional grade PA system 

-Dual wireless microphones for all announcements and speeches 

- 1 Microphone stand for hands free microphone use. 

-Modern dance floor lighting 

-Elegant DJ booth facade with lighting effects


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